DWC Energy Audit Analyser

With today’s mounting concerns about the environmental and the ever-growing need for businesses to have a greener footprint, the need for maximizing energy efficiencies is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the retorting process.

Utilising the DWC Energy Audit Analyser, DWC FoodTech now provides energy assessments and audits, which assess the energy consumption of a facility specifically for their retorting processes. These audits allow estimation of the energy requirement during the sterilisation or pasteurisation process, the amount of steam used per cycle, and the fuel required to produce this steam. With this energy assessment we can estimate the running costs for the retorting equipment based on electricity, water and steam consumption and can predict the financial impact of altering certain parameters such as hold time, processing temperature, fill temperature, packaging size, etc.

Through these activities we can not only develop and/or refine thermal processes to ensure adoption of appropriate target F values, but we can also quantify the financial savings that can be made.

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