Research and New Product Development

DWC FoodTech’s research and new product development activities include an extensive range of thermal processing technologies, enabling our clients to transform their new product concepts into commercial production.

Through partnerships with our network of specialist research and development (R&D) and new product development (NPD) consultants and through our preferred access to national and international manufacturing facilities we are able to offer the following services:

  • Specialised research and new product development for the manufacture of shelf-stable acid, shelf-stable low-acid, short shelf-life refrigerated and long shelf-life refrigerated (using our patented HERMETICA technology) foods using all types of packaging media across an extensive range of processing technologies (including retorting, pasteurisation, minimal processing, microwave heating and UHT processing)
  • R&D services to improve quality, yield and profitability for existing commercially manufactured products
  • Assistance in the commercialisation of new products with existing contract packers or setting up a new dedicated processing facility
  • Identifying and assessment of potential national and international contract packers
  • Validation of thermal processes and thermal processing equipment to demonstrate compliance with GMP guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Thermal process filing with relevant regulators (as required)
  • Ongoing support (as required)

As Australasia’s most experienced thermal processing specialists and an internationally recognised Process Authority, DWC FoodTech remains committed to delivering outstanding technical services and support to the food , beverage and packaging industries.