Process Evaluation Trials

In isolation, temperature distribution (retort validation) trials are insufficient to indicate the adequacy of a thermal process because they provide no information about the thermal characteristics of products. Process adequacy (and product safety) is assessed via replicate heat penetration (process evaluation) trials, the objectives of which are as follows:

  • To determine the thermal characteristics of the product in the test container.
  • To determine the cumulative lethal effect (i.e. the F value) of the entire process at the slowest heating point (SHP) of replicate test containers when they are located in the “cold spot” of the retort.

In order to streamline on-site heat penetration (process evaluation) trials DWC FoodTech has developed dedicated logging and integrated software systems for data collection, analysis and process modelling under commercial and worst-case scenarios and presents the results in formats which may be used for filing internally and/or with local and international regulatory authorities.

If you are interested in having Temperature Distribution or Process Evaluation trials conducted at your establishment please contact us.